Fixed Price
The following are special non-auction lots, sold at fixed price indicated.

2000. 1884 Cleveland-Hendricks Medal.

Brass, 15/16”. Profiles of both on obverse. Reverse: “On a Broad Platform / Good Planks will Lead All to Victory....” Holed, with original crimson fabric for suspension. Rich orange-gold, and B.U. Hake 32-A. DeWitt GC 1884-16. The duo returned the White House to the Democrats after twenty-four years. $48.00

2001. 1888 Benjamin Harrison Campaign Stickpin.

Copper, with charming 1/2”-high likeness of Harrison in bas relief, on straight pin for wearing on lapel or hat. Overall 2 1/8”. Beautifully struck, with uncirculated-penny-like lustre and flashes. Excellent. Harrison won election with minority of popular vote, but 233 electoral votes to Grover Cleveland’s 168. Unlisted in Hake. Appealing. $36.50

2002. 1900 Unsuccessful Democratic Ticket.

Bryan-Stevenson jugate, white stars on blue, red stripes, and portraits in black. Glittery silver border. 7 star variety, scarce in this size 13/16”. Whitehead & Hoag. An indefatigable public speaker on the campaign trail, Bryan’s torrent of words could have filled 52 newspaper columns - per day. Very fine plus. Highly attractive. Hake 3196. $39.00

2003. 1908/1912 Republican Campaign Button.

Flattering pose of William Howard Taft, in dark mahogany sepia. 13/16”. Interesting “error” Whitehead & Hoag insert, diecut off-center, with part of adjoining label. Excellent. A superior example. Hake 143. $34.50

2004. 1912 Woodrow Wilson Campaign Button.

“Safety First / The Man of the Eight Hour Day,” photo of front of a locomotive hurtling toward beholder. Maker’s mark on rim, “...Rochester, N.Y.,” probably Bastian Brothers. Minor scratches at 1 o’clock, else very fine. Not in Hake. Uncommon. $43.50

2005. Woodrow Wilson Campaign Button.

“Stand by Wilson / The Man on the Job,” photo looking left, black on bone-white. Believed 1916 campaign. 13/16”. Whitehead & Hoag. Essentially unblemished front and back, and a superb example. Hake 2224. $34.50

2006. 1920 Republican Campaign Button.

“Harding and Coolidge” pinback, white on Navy blue. 3/4”. On Harding’s mysterious death in 1923, Coolidge acceded to the Presidency. Elaborate maker’s imprint on verso, “J.L. Lynch, Chicago....” Very minor superficial bag marks, else very fine plus. Hake 49. $12.25

2007. 1920 Republican Campaign Button.

Crisp, stern pose of Warren G. Harding in rich sepia. 13/16”. Whitehead & Hoag. Excellent. Hake 17. Uncommon. $24.00

2008. 1920 Republican Campaign Button.

“For President / Warren G. Harding” in white on midnight blue, encircling sepia photo, this with hint of a smile. 13/16”. Whitehead & Hoag. Hindu-like spot on forehead, probably a litho imperfection on metal, else excellent. Hake 16. $26.50

2009. 1920 Unsuccessful Candidate.

James M. Cox large circular button-hole stud, screwback, enclosing die-cast rooster “Cox / I Will Crow in November.” 13/16”. Deepest brown “oiled bronze” tone. Very fine. Hake 52. $24.00

2010. 1924 Republican Campaign Button.

“Coolidge and Dawes,” red, white and blue. 3/4”. Maker’s mark on verso, Geraghy, Chicago. Some superficial bag marks, else very fine. Hake 54. $27.50

2011. 1928 Republican Campaign Button.

Uncommon variant jugate pinback, “Hoover - Cooper / For President - For Gov.,” black and white. A “coat tails” button, Myers Cooper winning office in Ohio. Two photos. 3/4”. Blue maker’s mark, “American Art Works, Coshocton, Ohio....” Excellent. Unlisted in Hake. $33.50

2012. Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s 1952 Presidential Bid.

Red, white and blue pinback from the American Caesar’s short-lived campaign. “The Man of the Hour,” with flattering photo, looking right. 1 3/16”. Excellent. N.O.S. $9.50

2013. Winding down the Civil War: General Orders.

Washington, June 29, 1865, 1 p. “Penalties for neglect of duty and disobedience of orders...,” commissioned officers allowing their men to disband before payment and discharge. Requests telegrams naming neglectful officers. Edge toning, else fine. $16.00

2014. Winding down the Civil War: General Orders.

Washington, June 29, 1865, consecutively numbered with above, 1 p. Brief order: “The whiskey ration will no longer be supplied to the the Subsistence Dept. Whiskey now on hand will be sold under orders of the Commissary General....” A hurried production, printed - and trimmed - at an angle. Uniform toning, else fine, and a curiosity. $18.50

2015. Winding down the Civil War: General Orders.

Washington, June 29, 1865, consecutively numbered with above, 1 p. Brief: “Assignment of Medical Officers as Medical discontinued ...Owing to reduction of the increase of rank, pay, or emoluments, pertains to such assignment.” Edge toning, else very good plus. $11.50

2016. Swords for the Indian Wars: General Orders.

Washington, Nov. 8, 1872, 1 p. “The new sword for staff and foot officers...will be supplied with two scabbards, one nickel plated...and one browned... Ready for issue to the several arsenals about the 1st of Dec. The Ordnance Dept. will soon be able to furnish the officers of the light artillery and cavalry with the authorized saber.” Light edge toning, else fine. $23.50

2017. Multiple Sentences of Execution: General Orders.

Washington, Feb. 22, 1864, 6 1/2 pp. Courts martial near Beverly Ford, Va., including Pvt. of 16th Mass. for desertion after receiving pay, “while on the march into Maryland,” sentenced to be “shot to death with musketry.” Murder of a sgt. by pvt. of 6th U.S. Cavalry at Culpeper, Va., sentenced to be hung. Desertions of a 1st N.J. pvt. from Annapolis, an 82nd Ill. pvt. near Springfield, and a 3rd Vt. pvt. – all to be shot. Sentences were variously pardoned, commuted, and disapproved by Lincoln; he was noted for his compassion. Two men sent to Dry Tortugas, Fla., America’s “Devil’s Island.” Old label remnant on blank verso, light edge toning, else fine. $90.00

2018. Civil War General Orders.

Washington, Aug. 8, 1863, 1 pp. Allowing “the General Commanding an authorize officers of the Q.M. furnish transportation, in light or spring-wagons, for Paymasters, their clerks and funds, over routes where railways, steamboats, and stage lines are not available...for the payment of troops....” Toning, tip folds, else good. $10.00

2019. 1975 Chevrolet Chevelle.

Color sales catalogue. 8 1/2 x 11, 16 pp. Photos showing interior and exterior. “Molded full foam” seats, speedometer calibrated in both m.p.h. and k.p.h. - in the ill-fated move to convert America to the metric system, engines up to 454 cu. in. Including Laguna Type S-3, “the sportiest Chevelle of all,” with swivel buckets. Trivial file wear, else N.O.S. $11.50

2020. 1975 Chevrolet Blazer.

Color catalogue. 8 1/2 x 11, 8 pp. Two- and four-wheel drive. Including unusual open-air model on the beach, with roll bar. Centerfold cutaway. Options, including skid plates and AM radio! N.O.S. $9.25

2021. 1975 Chrysler.

Oversize color catalogue. 11 x 11, 16 pp., on pebbled enamel. Deluxe presentation of New Yorker Brougham, Newport Custom, Newport, and Town & Country wagon, the first and last with the fearsome 440 cu. in. standard. Breathtakingly sumptuous pleated Corinthian leather, velour, and wildly patterned “Castilian” interiors. Optional Highlander plaid, paying homage to their 1940s trim. Some file curl at top margin, else N.O.S. $10.75

2022. 1978 Chrysler LeBaron.

Color catalogue. 8 1/2 x 10 3/4, 16 pp., gatefolds front and back. Deep shag carpeting offers “a level of luxury seldom seen in a wagon.” Burt Reynolds-look-alike and other models with “volumized” blow-dried hairstyles. Powerplants from the venerable Slant Six to 360. Photos of options and accessories. N.O.S. $7.25

2023. 1976 Dodge Coronet.

Oversize color catalogue. 10 1/4 x 10 1/4, 8 pp. Sedans and wagons. Slant Six and 318. Including royal crimson velour upholstery, with matching carpeting, dash, and door panels. With standard “3-on-the-tree” manual transmission! Bold paint choices a welcome respite from today’s mousy greys. N.O.S. $8.25

2024. 1979 Fiat Sports Cars.

Pair of color glossy sales sheets for Spider 2000 and X1/9, both printed Sept. 1978. 8 1/2 x 11. Full-size photo of sapphire-blue 2000 convertible in rose garden, probably photographed in Italy, “custom styled and built by Pininfarina.” • Powder-blue X1/9 targa, “built by Bertone.” Additional color photos and specs on versos. Very late appearance in the U.S.; that Fiat would one day return as owner of Chrysler seemed improbable. Some edge yellowing, else N.O.S. 2/$9.75

2025. 1975 Ford LTD.

Color catalogue. 8 1/2 x 10 3/4, 12 pp., front and center gatefolds. Landau and Brougham, plus wagon. “Fine-car luxury within reach” in these down-market Lincolns. Optional 460 cu. in. Seventies fashion, helmet hair, and an Afro. Light file wear, else N.O.S. $10.50

2026. C. 1979 Lancia including Zagato.

Pair of color sales sheets. 8 1/2 x 11. “The new Limited Edition... an exciting combination of handcrafted luxury and sports car handling....” Dramatic view of black sports car with gold beltline striping and “unique sun roof,” the photo accented by spot gloss varnish. Four smaller photos and lengthy text on verso. • Four models: Sedan, HPE, Coupe, and Zagato. Exhaustive specs of each. Scarce. Few were sold here. N.O.S. 2/$11.75

2027. 1978 Plymouth Fury.

Color catalogue. 8 1/4 x 10 1/4, 12 pp. On cover, red-pinstriped white coupe against a mountain sunset. Highly unusual black and white “Checkmate” upholstery. With standard Slant Six - here called the “Super Six,” automotive nomenclature persisting from the 1920s; up to 400 cu. in. available. Early reference to “Spark Control Computer.” Simulated woodgrain wagon posed with large family – and personable St. Bernard dog. N.O.S. $7.25

2028. 1976 Volkswagen Scirocco.

Color catalogue. 8 1/4 x 10 3/4, (8) pp. Claiming “almost unbelievable” performance, boasting that they have not been compromised by “environmental requirements....” (Perhaps VW’s current woes had a long incubation.) Dramatic photography at speed. Four color choices in plaid cloth. N.O.S. $12.25

2029. 1992 Buick Full Line.

Color catalogue. 9 x 10 3/4 oblong, 44 pp. Very high-gloss varnish throughout, with magnificent beauty photography. Striking photos of variety of models and configurations, including Park Avenue Ultra, Riviera, Regal, LeSabre, Skylark, Century, and Roadmaster Sedan and Estate Wagon. N.O.S., in mint condition. $5.00

2030. 1995 Chevrolet Assortment.

Group of six different Chevrolet color catalogues, all 1995. Full car line (including Camaro, Corvette, and Impala SS), plus Astro Van, Blazer, Commercial Trucks, Corsica, and S-Series Pickup. 36-44 pp. ea. Some superb photography. Mint. 6/$15.50

2031. Bulb Horn Magazine, 1946.

Early issue of this landmark quarterly, Veteran Motor Car Club of America, Vol. 7, No. 1. Jan. 1946. With fascinating variety of automotive historical lore, written by pioneers themselves. Including: “Restoration of an 1896 Duryea,” by J. Frank Duryea, with photograph; Lozier history by renowned authority W.O. MacIlvain; Mercer history by Wm. A. Smith; The Compound [Conn.], by Dean Fales; the Sheepshead Bay 150 Race of May 13, 1916 recalled by Roger Shaw; the Maharajah of Mysore’s Garage, by George Felton; and more. Highly ornate cover. Some photographs. Arguably the birth-year of the antique car hobby, in 1946 the Club organized the first revival of the turn-of-century Glidden Tours. N.O.S., and a choice, mint copy from Club Archives. Issues prior to 1946 command substantial prices in any condition. $24.00

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Reference Books
& Books of Special Interest

3000. Webster’s Biographical Dictionary.

Older edition of this long-out-of-print standard, with some 40,000 U.S. and foreign entries from all periods of history, ancient to Twentieth Century. Over 1,600 pp., cloth, d.j., with multiple reference indices. An invaluable work -- we use our desk copy many times each day. We have collected several clean, lightly used copies; may have minor ex-lib marks and d.j. wear, else internally about fine. $24.00

3001. Generals in Blue.

Warner’s companion to Generals in Gray, this work his classic reference to some 583 Union Generals. Photograph and biography of each officer. Including invaluable listing of the 1,367 additional Union General Officers who never held full rank. 680 pp., cloth, d.j. Very fine. $41.50

3002. Generals in Gray.

The classic reference on 425 Confederate Generals, with photograph and biography of each. 420 pp., cloth, d.j., appendix of battles. Many of the photographs are from private sources, heretofore little-known. One of the foundation volumes of any Civil War library. V.F. $32.50

3003. More Generals in Gray.

A newer reference work, by Bruce S. Allardice, and adjunct to Warner’s original Generals in Gray. Containing 137 additional Confederate Generals unlisted in Warner’s book. 425 pp., illus., cloth. New. $32.95

3004. Autographs of the Confederacy.

Limited Edition of handwriting examples of the men who led the South. Nearly 600 high quality photographic reproductions. Printed on acid-free paper, bound in library-quality bookcloth, French marbled endpapers, silk ribbon placemark. Nested limitation leaf autographed by Robert E. Lee, IV (great-grandson of R.E. Lee), William Wirt Allen, III (great-grandson of C.S.A. Gen. William Wirt Allen), and compiler Michael Reese II. With today’s prices for Confederate autographs, this pictorial reference can pay for itself in short order. The original - and definitive - work on the subject. Copies reside in the libraries of many descendants of the Generals of the Confederacy whose autographs are pictured within. Not one omission. Published by us in 1981, now long O.P. Supply now very limited. Mint. $125.00

3005. Autographs of the Confederacy.

Extra-deluxe connoisseur’s edition. All edges gilt. Bound by hand, with black silk moiré boards stamped in gold, platinum-grey silk moiré endleaves. Printed on acid-free paper. Numbered limitation leaf, with signatures of Lee IV, Allen III, and compiler. In custom fitted heavy Mylar dustjacket. Content identical to preceding edition. With letter signed by publisher’s book designer, describing history of and materials used in this exceptional collectors’ keepsake binding. A stunning confection – as rare as its subject matter – for the Civil War historian and connoisseur of fine bindings alike. Only twenty copies originally made. Just five remaining. Mint. $225.00

3006. Autographs c. 1870.

Older quality reprint (by ourselves) of autograph catalogue of Charles Burns, Wall St., N.Y. Possibly the earliest autograph pricelist extant: Said to be the first - and only - autograph dealer in America in his day. 5 1/4 x 8 1/4, 8 pp. plus cover. Describing and pricing several hundred offerings, all at now-bargain prices (Audubon A.L.S. 2.50, Jeff Davis 1.00, John Hancock 6.00, Patrick Henry A.L.S. 10.00). With copy of 1922 article about Burns by Walter R. Benjamin. As new. $5.00

3007. Biographical Reference of The Bronx.

They Were Here: Some Bronxites Who Have Achieved. Unique, O.P. reference, listing distinguished Bronxites in every field of endeavor, from colonial times to the present: Nobelists, authors, musicians, artists, clergy, public officials, educators, scientists, doctors, businessmen, industrialists, athletes, and others. Including years of birth and death, brief biographical information, and neighborhood where they lived, where available. Second Revised (and final) Edition, 1986, published by Bronx Society of Science and Letters, long defunct. (xiii) + 101 pp., 2 plates, 6 x 9 1/4. Doublethick cover. Genuine vegetable parchment overwrap toned, else new. $29.00